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How does Indonesiastore make sure that the products are great quality?

We filter, review, select and approve products before they can be uploaded on to our platform. Our selection team works hard to provide our buyer with great quality products from Indonesian producers. We also ensure that selected products should comply with all requirements for market entry and product safety.

How does Indonesiastore make sure all products are sold at the best price?

Our products are sourced from producers/ manufacturers directly and we ensure to provide buyers with the best quality product and with the most competitive price.

How do you ship your products and how can I check the stock availability?

All goods are ready to ship out, or to be shipped out from our partners’ warehouses located in Indonesia and Australia.

What are Indonesiastore’s policies regarding products that arrive damaged or products that are defective?

If you receive a damage/ defective/ not as described goods, you are entitled to return them and to receive an exchange or a refund.


The details of the “Return and Refund Policies” can be read on the Indonesiastore website.

To ensure you will get the most enjoyable shopping experience, our customer service team is ready at any time to help to solve any problem you may have.

How to contact the office in Sydney - Australia

Please contact via email :

How to contact the office in Indonesia

Please contact via whatsapp +6281288121010 and email :

Where is the Office in Indonesia

PT. Indonesia In Your Hand, 18 Parc Place, Kingsland Tower 3rd Floor , SCBD Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav.52-53. South Jakarta 12190

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